If you do not have a Sponsor discount coupon please use the Standard Form.

How it works

  • You can register any number of participants in a single payment transaction
  • The same contact information will be used for everyone included in a transaction
  • If you require individual contact information for a participant, "checkout" the participant in a separate transaction before adding someone else

Steps To Register

  1. Fill in the Participant Information and click <Add To Cart> button
    The person will be added and the form will refresh
    Your order summary is shown on the right
  2. Repeat step 1 for each participant in this transaction 
  3. Click Checkout after you have added all your participants

To change information for an entry
To update an entry remove them from the cart and then add them again before you checkout.
To view your cart click View Cart

Entry Fee:  Adults $25   Youth $12 (14 and under)

Please read the instructions above before submitting this form.

T-shirt is not included with registration when using a discount coupon.